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Q: What will my customized web site look like?
A: Our expertise is only to create a very customs designs only for you. CLICK HERE to see     some websites we have created.
Q: What about my domain name?
A: You transfer your valid domain name to your new Oglesoft solution site or we will buy a     domain name for you.
Q: May I use graphics/web site contents from your website?
A: Oglesoft is very grateful to you that you are interested in our website. But we can’t permit     your request. Due to inadequate staff we can’t review all thousands of request.

    Therefore, our policy is to decline requests for permission for the use of Oglesoft properties.     Oglesoft may allow under the relevant laws of the particular jurisdiction involved. We request     you to seek the permission or your own legal counsel if you have any queries about whether     your particular proposed use is granted without Oglesoft authorization. Oglesoft is sorry to     provide any legal advice. We appreciate your support.
Q: Can I use images, content or articles from Oglesoft solutions site for my own?
A: Yes, you can but only for personal. You cant misuse it. Oglesoft reserves right to take action     against misuse of it property.
Q: Can I write in and request permission?
A: Yes you can.

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